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Price Institute of Organic Medicine

HB 130 Study Project.

In order to comply with Utah laws, we as an Organization must enroll people into an in-depth study on the various effects of Marijuana use whether it is applied topically, ingested in some form or another or inhaled in some form or another. We are at the beginning stages of a 10 year project.

Those that sign up now get to receive their products first as soon as the state allows us to ship. We as an Institute will be studying the effects.

We as a developer and manufacture will be producing products on a constant basis working with various entities to provide them with the base products in bulk that they will then put into end products. In the beginning we will be focused on the Marijuana and Hemp oils. As we move forward we expect to be extracting from all sorts of organic material for use in medicines.

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We are enrolling professionals just like yourself to help us enroll individuals into a study on various Cannabinoid products.

The first stage of the study is on topical products. We have produced luxurious creams and lotions, soaps and more with various levels of THC and are looking for professionals who want to be a part of this exciting new area of medicinal products.

This program has great profitability. It will give your office a growing new revenue stream. Consumers swear by these products, and although each result is different, almost all the responses are positive, creating recurring purchases. As you retail our products, any individual who joins any of our studies with a referral from you will earn you credits to your account. This will mean substantial growing residual income for you. The products we feature come in 3 THC strengths, .5%, 1.5%, and 3%. We are developing a starter package with 10 products in it which will give you 90 (3 of each product in each strength) total products with a retail value of over $1500.

Your Kit will also include promotional materials which are shipped immediately that you may display at your establishment or office to start enrolling new customers today.

The wholesale cost of the kit is $299. You can pay a deposit of $49 now, and with the balance due on delivery, or save $50 on your total order by ordering a kit now for just $249.99.

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