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Individuals may sign up for one, two, or all three studies for $10 each and will receive credit off their first order. Price Institute will begin with topical products from various organic materials.


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Topical Organics 

Most people do not know that there are many different topical products. The long-term goal of the Price Institute is to provide the bulk products needed for others who we will help to develop their products in our lab. Products that would then be packaged and certified by us. This means there will be lots of variety to choose from. There will be many different uses and strengths of these products that will need to be tested. Those consumers who are working with the Price Institute of Organic Medicine on this area of study whether as a subject or a developer will be the ones that will work with those that are concerned to develop the standards for this industry.

Edible Organics

The long term goal of the Price Institute of Organic Medicine is to produce the bulk organic products to order for others to make their eatables. In the short term we will be making certified products that can be used for study by those that qualify.

Inhaled Organics

Inhaled Organics Medicines will be the big money maker, where the Price Institute will be producing our own products and delivery systems. This is the most exciting area of organic medicine as there is currently no real way for doctors to know the dosage that their patient is getting. The Price Institute is working on several designs for patented products, allowing for precise tracking of the patient's intake of medicine. This will help doctors and scientists better understand the actual results and adjust dosage as needed.


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